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Pregnancy Massage Myths….and why they’re not true

With all the information floating around, it never ceases to amaze me that people still aren’t aware of the benefits of massage in pregnancy.

There is still so much fear surrounding this issue! When booking a massage with an appropriately trained therapist you will find that a lot of the rumours are completely unfounded.

I’m sure you’ve heard the following –

Massage in the first 12 weeks can cause miscarriage…..FALSE.

There is no evidence at all that confirms this. Miscarriage that occurs in the first trimester is due usually due to chromosomal abnormalities or other complications that have occurred within the mother/baby diad. Not because someone massaged you.

In fact relaxation massage in the first trimester is indicated to enhance relaxation and all of those feel good hormones. It would make a baby happy to hang out in your stomach for a good nine months or so. Due to physiological changes, deep tissue and strong stretching/remedial techniques are not advised.

Massage of the feet will induce labour or spontaneous abortion….FALSE.

Really? Is this still a thought people have?

General massage of the feet will not cause you to go in to labour.

Yes, there are specific points on the feet that a highly trained acupuncturist can access in the treatments they will use to help prepare your body for labour.pregnancy massage belly

If are concerned, stop your therapist and ask why they are working in they way they are. Bear in mind though, that these points require precision and intent. Unless your body is ready for birth or labour or has been happening silently already….massage to the feet will not induce labour.

It is normal to experience pain in pregnancy…..FALSE.

Our biology must be pretty messed up if it means that carrying our children is an undeniable source of pain.

Its our modern day lifestyles that are the source of pain. Sitting down all day, staring at screens, the ‘normality’ of stress….no wonder pregnant women think this is the norm.

We need to reassess where we are at. Our biology is not suited to the lives we live. Our brains have evolved at lightening speed, yet our bodies are still back in the dark ages. So when women can access treatments such as massage during pregnancy they not only have the chance to correct they physical pain they are experiencing, but they also have the opportunity to tap into their ancestry and reconnect to their pregnancy.

Massage in pregnancy is beneficial….TRUE.

Massage during pregnancy reduces pain and discomfort, enhances sleep, increases your connection to your baby.

Women who receive massage through their pregnancy are more likely to give birth at full term with less intervention.

It reduces anxiety; enhances feelings of wellbeing; regulates hormones and your nervous system.

Do I need to go on?….


***I do need to say though, for your own comfort and safety, ensure your therapist is fully trained in pregnancy massage. Just having an interest, or being a mum doesn’t mean they are qualified to treat you. A strong understanding of the physiology of a pregnant woman is a must when searching for a Pregnancy Massage Therapist.